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December 16, 2012 Weather Guess and Christmas Rocks

December 16, 2012
800px-Microcline_feldspar_variety_amazonite AL Marble, 12-15-12 Arsenic.  Realgar Crystal on Matrix Berryllium.  Beryl-Emerald Crystal CaF2, Green, Gem CaF2, Red, Xtal, Swiss Carnelian, Polished-Pair Cl.  Sodalite, boulder Cl.  Vanadinite Crystal Fluorine.  Cryolite, Greenland Fluorine.  Fluorapattite-Green Crystals Kongsberg, Norway Larges t Gold Nugget, 638 lbs. NaCl, Blue NaCl, Common P.  Apatite Gemstone Red Beryl Red Diamond REM.  Li, Spodumene Kunzite, Xtal, Blue talc-powder Topaz Gem, Oval-Swiss-Blue Topaz, Gem, Emerald Cut Pink with Diamonds Zircon birthstone-Blue Zircon Crystal on Calcite, Pakistanhttp://www.bluffparkbackporch.comGreetings from the Bluff Park Back Porch:

Last week 1.87 inches of rain fell on BP2 with a high of 68.8 and a low of 32.2.

>    Another interesting week is forecast for us.  Today, Sunday, will still continue with rain.  Tonight and into Monday, another round of rain and thunderstorms will move into Alabama.  There is a slight chance of severe weather.  Check your local weather source or the sites shown below.

As of this writing, 4:15 PM, almost 1.0″ has fallen on BP2 .

Keep an eye on Thursday morning for more thunderstorms with another slight chance of severe weather.

Elemental Mineral Guest:

We will take a break from my usual Guest and Guess, and show some pretty Christmas Pictures.  Rocks of course.  See the attached pictures.

From the Rock Hound Crowd, a Merry Christmas!,17,278215,278376

Weather Guesses

Alabama All Weather Hazards Awareness:

NWS, Huntsville, AL:  
NWS, Birmingham, AL:
NWS, Mobile, AL:         

Metro Birmingham.  Compliments of ABC3340

T-Storms_Icon Sunday December 16
Periods of rain and thunder. Stronger storms overnight.
Afternoon High 64
Wind: SW 8-16 mph    Sun percentage: 10%    Hours of rain: 3
Rain potential: 1.75″    Severe weather threat: Slight
Mostly_Cloudy_Icon Monday December 17
Morning rain. Clearing by afternoon.
Morning Low 58    Afternoon High 66
Wind: W 7-14 mph    Sun percentage: 25%    Hours of rain: 2
Rain potential: 0.50″    Severe weather threat: Slight
Partly_Cloudy_Icon Tuesday December 18
Partly cloudy. A break from the rain.
Morning Low 40   Afternoon High 63
Wind: NW 7-14 mph    Sun percentage: 65%    Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″    Severe weather threat: None
Partly_Cloudy_Icon Wednesday December 19
Increasing clouds by late in the afternoon. Overnight storms
Morning Low 39    Afternoon High 68
Wind: NE 5-10 mph    Sun percentage: 80%    Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″    Severe weather threat: None
T-Storms_Icon Thursday December 20
Showers and thunderstorms likely early morning. Temps fall through out the day.
Morning Low 55    Afternoon High 62
Wind: SW 10-18 mph    Sun percentage: 25%    Hours of rain: 2
Rain potential: 0.45″    Severe weather threat: Slight
Sunny_Icon Friday December 21
Sunny. More seasonable temperatures.
Morning Low 31 Afternoon High 54
Wind: NW 6-12 mph Sun percentage: 90% Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″ Severe weather threat: None
Partly_Cloudy_Icon Saturday December 22
Cooler conditions continue. Mostly sunny and dry.
Morning Low 30 Afternoon High 56
Wind: NW 6-12 mph Sun percentage: 60% Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″ Severe weather threat: None

Metal Prices

Base Metals:


Enjoy the attached pictures.

Have A Good Week!


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“Your Rock Doctor”
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Office: (205) 823-0501
Cell: (205) 276-6650

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