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April 21, 2013 Weekly Weather and Mineral Guess

April 21, 2013

Greetings from the Bluff Park Back Porch:

For the previous week, 1.12 inches of rain fell on BP2 .  The weekly high was 86 and the weekly low was 39.

Metro Birmingham Forecast for the New Week:  Weekly forecast high and low are 72, and 42, for Sunday.  0.55 inches of Rain is forecast for Wednesday.  Possibility of thunderstorms with the cold front on Wednesday.  Check back with your local weather source.

Elemental Mineral Guest:

Our guest is a chemical element with the symbol of Nb and atomic number 41.  It is a soft, grey, ductile transition metal, which is often found in the pyrochlore mineral,

–    Nb is used mostly in alloys, the largest part in special steel such as that used in gas pipelines.
–     The temperature stability of Nb-containing superalloys is important for its use in jet and rocket engines.
–     Nb is widely used in the superconducting magnets of MRI scanners.
–     Other applications of Nb include its use in welding, nuclear industries, electronics, optics numismatics and jewelry.

What is it?  N _ _ b _ _ _.

Weather Guesses

Alabama All Weather Hazards Awareness:

NWS, Huntsville, AL
NWS, Birmingham, AL:
NWS, Mobile, AL:         

Metro Birmingham.  Compliments of ABC3340

Mostly_Cloudy_Icon Sunday April 21
Patches of clouds from time to time.
Afternoon High 72
Wind: E 6-14 mph    Sun percentage: 75%    Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″    Severe weather threat: None
Mostly_Cloudy_Icon Monday April 22
A mix of sun and clouds.
Morning Low 50    Afternoon High 70
Wind: SE 6-16 mph    Sun percentage: 65%    Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″    Severe weather threat: None
Mostly_Cloudy_Icon Tuesday April 23
Increasing clouds by late in the day.
Morning Low 52   Afternoon High 76
Wind: SE 7-14 mph    Sun percentage: 55%    Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″    Severe weather threat:  None
T-Storms_Icon Wednesday April 24
A wet and stormy day.
Morning Low 57   Afternoon High 69
Wind: SW 10-15 mph    Sun percentage: 15%    Hours of rain: 2
Rain potential: 0.55″    Severe weather threat: None
Partly_Cloudy_Icon Thursday April 25
Increasing sunshine.
Morning Low 44    Afternoon High 71
Wind: NW 10-15 mph    Sun percentage: 75%    Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″    Severe weather threat: None
Sun_Thin_Clouds Friday April 26
Mostly sunny. A great end to the week.
Morning Low 47    Afternoon High 75
Wind: S 6-12 mph    Sun percentage: 85%   Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″ Severe weather threat: None
Mostly_Cloudy_Icon Saturday April 27
Increasing clouds. Rain arrives overnight.
Morning Low 57   Afternoon High 72
Wind: S 6-14 mph Sun percentage: 50% Hours of rain: 1
Rain potential: 0.25″ Severe weather threat: None

Monthly Forecast by AccuWeather:

Minerals and Rocks = “The Good Life from the Ground”
“If it ain’t grown, its got to be mined”

Interactive Periodic Table

Niobium is our elemental guest this week.

Niobium Images:

Niobium is often found in the pyrochlore mineral,

Minerals that contain niobium often also contain tantalum, such as columbite ((Fe,Mn)(Nb,Ta)2O6) and columbite–tantalite (or coltan, (Fe,Mn)(Ta,Nb)2O6).[30]

Editors Note:  Not only is Niobium jewelry pretty to the eye, but it is also allergen free.

Images of Niobium Jewelry

Metal Prices

Base Metals:


Enjoy the attached pictures.

Have A Good Week!


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