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November 3, 2013 Weekly Weather and Mineral Guess

November 3, 2013

Greetings from the Bluff Park Back Porch, way up yonder on Shades Mountain (1,109′) in Alabama:

For the previous week, 1.0 inches of rain fell on BP2 The weekly high was 79 and the weekly low was 48.

Metro Birmingham Forecast
for the New Week

    50% – 40% chance of rain for Wednesday and Thursday accordingly.  Everything is else forecasted for the week is sunny and clear.
    0.4″ rainfall potential for the week.
    74 is the forecast high for Wednesday and 41 is the forecast low for Monday morning.
Alabama Monthly Rainfall for October, 2013

Randall’s Ramblings: Last Week’s Ramblings was at the 30-acre Aldridge Botanical Gardens in Hoover, off of Lorna Road.
Leaves are starting to change, plan your Alabama Fall road trip.

Gemstone Guesses are from My Rings and Things Files

The gemstone color is still Green  and is one of 3 – Green Garnets.    Hardness is between 6.5 and 7.0.

    It is the green gemstone variety of the mineral andradite, a member of the garnet group of minerals. Andradite is a calcium– and iron-rich garnet. The chemical formula is Ca3Fe2(SiO4)3 with chromium substitution as the cause of the demantoid green color.
    Stones with more intense green coloration are generally highly valued, but lighter stones of yellowish green display substantially more fire. The choice of stone color or fire can therefore be a matter of personal preference, with some preferring the more yellowish-green stones to the green stones.
    “‘horsetails’ can be regarded as desirable features in this garnet”

What is it?

D _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Weather Guesses

Alabama All Weather Hazards Awareness:

NWS, Huntsville, AL
NWS, Birmingham, AL:
NWS, Mobile, AL:         

Metro Birmingham.  Compliments of ABC3340

Sunny_Icon Sunday November 3
A chilly start to the day. Abundant sunshine, but a cooler afternoon.
Morning Low 42   Afternoon High 62
Wind: NE 5-10 mph    Sun percentage: 100%    Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″    Severe weather threat: None
Sunny_Icon Monday November 4
Another cool start. Sunny and mild afternoon.
Morning Low 41  Afternoon High 67
Wind: SE 5-10 mph    Sun percentage: 80%    Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″    Severe weather threat: None
Partly_Cloudy_Icon Tuesday November 5
More sun than clouds. A mild afternoon.
Morning Low 44    Afternoon High 68
Wind: SE 6-12 mph    Sun percentage: 70%    Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″    Severe weather threat: None
Sun_PM_T-Storms_Icon Wednesday November 6
Mostly cloudy and breezy.   Thunderstorms arriving after midnight.
Morning Low 55    Afternoon High 74
Wind: S 10-20 mph    Sun percentage: 40%    Hours of rain: 1
Rain potential: 0.15″    Severe weather threat: None
Sun_PM_T-Storms_Icon Thursday November 7
Showers and storms, mainly during the morning. Clearing late in the day.
Morning Low 58   Afternoon High 69
Wind: W 7-14 mph    Sun percentage: 40%    Hours of rain: 1
Rain potential: 0.25″    Severe weather threat: None
Partly_Cloudy_Icon Friday November 8
Partly cloudy. Another seasonable air mass settles into the state.
Morning Low 43 Afternoon High 63
Wind: N 5-10 mph   Sun percentage: 70% Hours of rain: 0
ain potential: 0.00″ Severe weather threat: None
Partly_Cloudy_Icon Saturday November 9
Partly cloudy.
Morning Low 56 Afternoon High 72
Wind:NE/E 6-12 mph Sun percentage: 80% Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0.00″ Severe weather threat: None

Weather Underground Map for Metro Birmingham (Just wander around the state to pick you closest weather station).

Monthly Forecast by AccuWeather

Alabama Climate Data

Minerals and Rocks = “The Good Life from the Ground”
“If it ain’t grown, its got to be mined”

Personal Note:  When I started this week’s gemstone, I had only one green garnet.  Needless to say, now, I have three.  It has been a full day of green garnet learning.

Link Corrections for Last Week’s Gemstone:

Emerald Gemstone Images.

Emerald Jewelry.

Weekly Gemstone Guest

Demantoid is our guest this week.

Demantoid Images.

Demantoid Jewelry Images.

Look at following site when you purchase your Demantoid Garnet.

Demantoid Prices
$501 per carat for 1 carat or less, light-yellowish green.
$5,097 per carat for +5 carat, medium green.
The best, +10 and +30 carats were off the chart and unlisted.

Garnet Crystal or Metaphysical Lore
:  Garnet is a useful crystal to have on hand when there seem to be no way out!  Garnet may help with cleansing and purification of the thyroid and spleen  See Caveat Below!

“Crystal meanings, metaphysical and spiritual healing lore is lore for inspiration, folklore, reference, and entertainment only. I would be devastated if someone got hurt or was ill because they read the lore on this site and decided to give up healthcare because of it. See your doctor or other qualified healthcare practitioner about all injuries, illness or other health related issues! Mystical lore on crystal healing and spiritual healing is not a prescription, diagnosis or healthcare information; they are alternative and complementary. By using any crystal meanings and spiritual healing lore, you acknowledge and agree that you personally assume responsibility for your use of this lore.”  by Robyn A. Harton.  Randy McDaniel


Enjoy the pictures, the fall weather, and leaf looking!


Garnet=Demantoid, Gemstone

Garnet=Demantoid, Gemstone

Garnet, Andradite, Demantoid ring(1)

Garnet-Demantoid Ring

Garnet-Demantoid Ring

Garnet-Demantoid, Gemstones

Garnet-Demantoid, Gemstones

Garnet-Demantoid, Rough and Cut, Ural Mts., Russia

Garnet-Demantoid, Rough and Cut, Ural Mts., Russia

Garnet-Demantoid, Horsetail in Gemstone

Garnet-Demantoid, Horsetail in Gemstone

Garnet-Demantooid with inclusions

Garnet-Demantooid with inclusions

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