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November 22, 2015 Weekly Weather and Geology Guess

November 21, 2015
Note:  I’m sending this one out early due to the freeze warning for Sunday Night and Monday Morning.

Greetings from the Bluff Park Back Porch, way up yonder on Shades Mountain (1,109′) in Alabama:


Now?!  Onward to another volcanic – lava feature.


Another Thermal Features that looks like cooking mush is the M _ _   P_ _ .   What is it?

See below for discussion.


Last Week On the Bluff :

–  72 was the high and 41 was the low and an average of 56.
–  Humidity ranged from 24% to 100%, with an average of 66%.
–  Rainfall total on the Bluff was 1.8.
–  Maximum wind gust was 27 mph.  Sure seemed higher that that ???
Metro Birmingham Forecast for the New Week
>    Freeze Warning for Sunday Night and Monday Morning.
–   68 is the forecast high and 27 is the forecast low (Monday AM).
–   0 inches of rain is forecast for the week. 
–   Chilly for Sunday and Monday.
–    Dry with a warming trend for the rest of the Week.

Thursday Nov 26, THANKSGIVING

A mix of sun and clouds. Mild.
Morning Low 45   Afternoon High 67
Wind: S 6-12  mph   Sun percentage: 65%    Hours of rain: 0
Rain potential: 0″       Severe weather threat: None


Weather Guesses

Alabama All Weather Hazards Awareness:

NWS, Huntsville, AL:
NWS, Birmingham, AL:
NWS, Mobile, AL:    


Metro Birmingham.  Compliments of ABC3340.

(for Detailed Graphical Forecast)
Weather Underground Map for Metro Birmingham.
(Just wander around the state to pick your closest weather station).


Weather Forecast by AccuWeather  (Pick your time, day, or month)
Space Weather.


Minerals and Rocks – The Good Life from the Ground
“If it ain’t grown, it has to be mined”
Thermal Features




Geologic Guess for this week.
–    MUD POT:    “A mud thermal feature where there is not sufficient water to carry away mud and clay size particles so that they accumulate in the vent or crater of the thermal feature. Gases moving up through the thick heavy mud causes it to bubble like a pot of cooking wheat cereal (mush). “

Yellowstone NP Mud Pot Videos.   (2 videos to chose)

–    MUD VOLCANO:    


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Author’s Request:  If you see any pictures that you know the source and photographer, let me know immediately.  Thanks!  R

Images have been searched by TinEye Reverse Image Search.


Have A Great Week!
Mud Pot, Yellowstone NP, WY. 2006.  David MonniauxMudpool. Hverirool, Iceland_2012. WikiWikiPhilMudpot, Hvenir, Iceland.  2008.  EricoidesMudpot, Lassen Peak, CA, 2005. Walter SiegmundMudpot. Rincón VNP. Costa Rica. 2003. Tim Ross
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