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January 31, 2016 Weekly Weather and Geology Guess

February 1, 2016
Greetings from the Bluff Park Back Porch, way up yonder on Shades Mountain (1,109′) in Alabama:

We will continue with our discussion of the Geology of the Appalachian Mountains.  The USGS article provides an excellent summary of how the Appalachian Mountains formed.
Enjoy the discussion and please throw you 2 cents or quarter’s worth of comments and questions.


Last Week On the Bluff:

–    69 was the high and 23 was the low.
–    Rainfall total on the Bluff was 0.9 inches.
–    Maximum wind gust was 27 mph.  

Metro Birmingham Forecast for the New Week

–    69 was the high for Sunday; and 32 is the forecast low.
–    1.4 inches of rain is forecast for the week.
>    Windy, showers and storms by late afternoon, continuing Tuesday night. A few severe storms possible.
>    NWS Limited Severe Weather Threat with possible tornadoes and damaging winds up to 60 mph.
–    Colder by the end of the week.

Weather Guesses

Alabama All Weather Hazards Awareness:

NWS, Huntsville, AL:
NWS, Birmingham, AL:
NWS, Mobile, AL:    


Metro Birmingham.  Compliments of ABC3340.

(for Detailed Graphical Forecast)
Weather Underground Map for Metro Birmingham.
(Just wander around the state to pick your closest weather station).

Weather Forecast by AccuWeather  (Pick your time, day, or month)
Space Weather.


Minerals and Rocks – The Good Life from the Ground
“If it ain’t grown, it has to be mined”
The Origins of North American Geology


Topic for The Week
1.5  Appalachian Orogen.  as in the Appalachian Mountains.
A 5-Part Series of Appalachian Geology by Geologist, Wildwood Claire.
(by Editor.  This is one of the better videos on the subject.)
There are 5 videos.  I will post 1 per week.
Note:  There is a tremendous amount of material written about the Geology of the Appalachian Mountains.  It is difficult to squish this amount of material. distances, and scenery into 1-sound bite and 10 or 11 slides.


Another Editors Note:  It is the intent of this site to keep this discussion as simple as possible, so as to educate the interested general public and not to discuss with the geology crowd the latest geologic theories and nuances.  Thanks, R
“No copyright infringement intended.
The rights belong to their respective owners”
Copyright Disclaimer: Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.


Author’s Request:  If you see any pictures that you know the source and photographer, let me know immediately.  Thanks!  R

Images have been searched by TinEye Reverse Image Search.


This weeks’ pictures will consist of a drive down the Blue Ridge Parkway in the Heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the core of the Appalachian Mountains.

Have A Great Week!

1.  Blue Ridge Parkway Map

Blue Ridge Parkway Map

Blue Rige Mtns. Geologic Profile.

Blue Rige Mtns. Geologic Profile.



BRPW, Mt. Pisgah-410.

BRPW, Mt. Pisgah-410.



BRPW, Fall.

BRPW, Fall.

BRPW, Linville Gorge.

BRPW, Linville Gorge.

BRPW, MP420.  GJoldenrod

BRPW, MP420. Goldenrod



BRPW, viaduct in fall.

BRPW, viaduct in fall.

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