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Sunday Daily Feed, June 11, 2017

June 11, 2017
The Rockhound Connection
and numerous quotes and images from my Facebook friends.
These are the images and quotes that appeal to my sensibilities or the lack thereof.

Enjoy!  R
>    My apology folks for being absent, my body and my drugs haven’t been hitting on all 4-cylinders.  Thanks!
Untreated Tanzanite.  R
No automatic alt text available.
You mean that I can only chose one? R
17 hrs ·
What an incredible photo.
These are all the same mineral.
Some are rough and some are faceted.
Any guesses?
September’s primary birthstone!
From Rock Creek, Montana
Yes! I want one to go with my 6′ petrified log table. Har-har. R
This is a Museum Size Spectacular HUGE Agate Table.
© Design by Luca
Image may contain: flower, plant and outdoor
Stellar Explosion in Ocean Jasper
No automatic alt text available.
Amber with Inclusions | #Geology#GeologyPage#Amber#Fossil
Age: Oligocene
Locality: Dominican Republic
Photo Copyright © Heritage Auctions
A Golden Oldie.
No automatic alt text available.
Another wonderful specimen |#Geology
Spat out of a cooling granite in Brazil many aeons ago and cooling slowly into large crystals, the mix of aquamarine, black tourmaline and albite feldspar tells us about the elements distilled out of the crust by the granitic magma
*Photo : © Coisas de Tere
Wire Silver
No automatic alt text available.
Exceptional Native Wire Silver with Acanthite accenting and Chalcopyrite micro-crystals!
This is by far the finest Wire Silver specimen I’ve seen or offered from this classic German locality. This area of Germany has been mined for Silver since the 15th century. The base of the specimen is a twisting nest of Silver wires, Acanthite and Chalcopyrite. Rising up from this solid foundation are numerous wires of Native Silver ranging from thick to thin. All are firm and quite sturdy – there are no flimsy, wispy wires here! The aesthetics of this specimen are superb and the luster and striations are off the charts. I would rate this as one of my finest German Silvers.
From Niederschlema, Schlema, Schlema-Hartenstein District, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany
Measures 6.8 cm by 8 cm by 4.8 cm in total size.
Ex. Wendel, K. Ward Mineral Collections
Now? Who put the pyrite crystal up there??? R
No automatic alt text available.
Yes, I am asking the same question as you.
Did the PYRITE grow on top of the QUARTZ or was it somehow attached? An iron sulfide mineral is much heavier than a silicon dioxide mineral.
I must be ready for football season. The first thing I saw was a scoreboard with lots of fans in the stadium.
Elemental Gallium Metal
Image may contain: ring
Gallium is a chemical element symbol Ga and atomic number 31. Its melting temperature (29.76 ° C) allows it to blend in hand. It is found in trace amounts in the bauxite ore and zinc ore |#Geology
*Photo : © wikipedia. org
No automatic alt text available.
High-quality Chrome Tourmaline from Commander Mine, Nadonjukin, Simanjiro District, Manyara Region, Tanzania
Credit: The Crown Collection
Have A Great Week!  R
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