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Monday Daily Feed, June 26, 2017

June 27, 2017
The Rockhound Connection
and numerous quotes and images from my Facebook friends.
These are the images and quotes that appeal to my sensibilities or the lack thereof.

Enjoy!  R


Sandra BoyntonJune 22 at 5:30pm ·

Titanite, or sphene (from the Greek sphenos (σφηνώ), meaning wedge[4]), is a calcium titanium nesosilicate mineral, CaTiSiO5. H = 5 – 5.5.” Wikipedia

Reassuringly Random

Titanite. By

“Scorodite is a common hydrated iron arsenate mineral, with the chemical”formula FeAsO4·2H2O. It is found in hydrothermal deposits and as a secondary mineral in gossans worldwide. Scorodite weathers to limonite. H = 3.5-4.0.” Wikipedia. Why do the arsenic minerals have such beguiling beauty? R

No automatic alt text available.

Mineral Maniacs

April 22, 2015 ·

Scorodite – Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb Namibia
1.5 x 1.5 cm very lustrous, sharp, undamaged deep blue transparent crystal with smaller crystals attached and some minor associated quartz crystals and matrix.

It has an intense color change in different types of light and will change a very strong and unique shade of electric blue to a pleasing violet-purple.

According to it’s previous owner, this piece was in several national award winning cases. These included the Stanton Hill trophy in 1995 in Pasadena, CA. , the CFMS State Trophy and AFMS National Trophy in Riverside, CA, in August, 1995, as well as the Jean Hamel trophy with the piece scoring 99 out of 100.

This piece is one of 12 thumbnails that I took to Munich in 2012 to be displayed in the “African Secrets” exhibit.

Photo is courtesy of John Schneider

>  Oh!  Pick me out a tourmaline, any ol’ color will do.  R

Tourmalines on Cleavelandite blades from the Himalaya Mine, Mesa Grande District, San Diego County, California.

Bi-color Tourmaline | #Geology #GeologyPage #Mineral
Locality: Madagascar
Photo Copyright © Bonhams

Blue Cap Tourmaline | #Geology #GeologyPage #Mineral
Locality: Skardu, Baltistan, Pakistan
Size: 2.4 × 1.4 × 0.8 cm
Largest Crystal: 1.80cm
Photo Copyright © Wittig Minerals

This stuff is dangerous!  R


Image may contain: food
Beautiful Raw Emerald
Emerald is a gemstone, and a variety of the mineral beryl (Be3Al2(SiO3)6) colored green by trace amounts of chromium and sometimes vanadium. Beryl has a hardness of 7.5–8 on the 10-point Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Most emeralds are highly included, so their toughness (resistance to breakage) is classified as generally poor.

“Vivianite (Fe2+Fe2+2(PO4)2·8H2O) is a hydrated iron phosphate mineral found in a number of geological environments. ” Wikipedia
Locality: Huanuni mine, Dalence Province, Potosi Department, Bolivia
Size: 5.5 x 3.0 x 2.5 cm (miniature)
Rare Blue Octahedron Spinel with natural growth marks from Sri Lanka.
Photo: Ben Decamp Bill Larson Collection, thanks Amazing Geologist for posting.

Crocoite is a mineral consisting of lead chromate, PbCrO4. ” Wikipedia
No automatic alt text available.

Image may contain: outdoor, nature and water
Miyasaki – Japan
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