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Tuesday Daily Feed, July 18, 2017

July 18, 2017
The Rockhound Connection
and numerous quotes and images from my Facebook friends.
These are the images and quotes that appeal to my sensibilities or the lack thereof.


Enjoy!  R

And this music led me to darkness ???

Oh!  the blond headed guy with the blue glasses staring at a rock is the Mine Geologist.

♪ Diggy Diggy Hole

♪ Out now on iTunes: ♪ Amazon UK: ♪ Amazon US:…
Your Rock Doctor will be 71 and blessed.

Randall and Granddoggie, Valerie
Hoover, AL


Where Would I put this malachite display case.  Oh Dear!  Now I will have to purchase decent mineral specimens.  Any Recommendation???  R
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Who wants to have one like this in his home?!??
A Beautiful Late 19th Century Gilt Bronze Mounted Louis XV Style #Malachite Vitrine. C.1890. Malachite is a semi precious stone.

Real Natural Gold Crystal.  A 3′ X 5′ specimen hanging on the wall would be nice.  R

The spines are long and poisonous to humans. Err, did I get my time scale right????? R
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Trilobite from Morocco….”don’t forget to wear your reef shoes when entering the water!”

Is that me?  R
July 8 is Cow Appreciation Day.

Look Ma, rock flowers?  R
Image may contain: flower
Cobaltoan Calcite: A variety of Calcite containing Co2+ From Morocco

Good Morning, Friends…

Here we have PENTAGONITE, a rare hydrous vanadium silicate mineral with the chemical formula Ca(VO)Si4O10·4(H2O)

The term “Penta” comes from Ancient Greek and refers to “five”… having five or containing five…

Penta’s name association to this pretty mineral is due to its crystal twinning * which has a FIVE-fold symmetry / habit.

* Crystal twinning is the result of two separate crystals sharing
some of the same crystal lattice points in a symmetrical manner.
This results in an inter-growth of two separate crystals in a number of different forms.

Who noticed that the blue in pentagonite is very similar to that of cavansite? There is good reason for this.

They are POLYMORPHS of each other (same chemical composition, different crystal structure). The primary difference lies within the arrangement of the layers of silicate.

Cavansite forms as prismatic (resembling a prism) crystals, often as radiating clusters.

Interesting to note that both of these gorgeous blue minerals come from around the same area: Poona (aka Pune), India.

From the Wagholi Quarries (Pune District) of Maharashtra, India :


Fred. Pick up some the next time you are in Morocco; to go with my trilobites.. R
Gorgeous!! Wicked Erythrite from Morocco.Photo: Spirifer Minerals

And Now, from the coast of Alabama!  R

Image may contain: plant, tree, outdoor and nature

Native Silver
Schacht 371, S
chlema-Hartenstein, Saxony, Germany

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