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Sunday Daily Feed, October 15, 2017

October 15, 2017
The Rockhound Connection
and numerous quotes and images from my Facebook friends.
These are the images and quotes that appeal to my sensibilities or the lack thereof.



Note:  When you cut and paste from various videos, you may get more than one image.


I like my agates to be colorful, polished, and well dressed. R
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Image may contain: food
4 hrs ·Coyamito agate

Burmese Tourmaline Crystal (?)  Probably faceted.  R

Let the Buyer Beware!

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“Beryl is a mineral composed of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate with the chemical formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6. Morganite, also known as “pink beryl”, “rose beryl”, “pink emerald”, and “cesian (or caesian) beryl”, is a rare light pink to rose-colored gem-quality variety of beryl. The pink color of morganite is attributed to Mn2+ ions.” Wikipedia > R
Image may contain: flower

Morganite on albite with quartz and tourmaline, 11.4 cm, from Kunar Province, Afghanistan. Rudolf Watzl and Lisa Pammer collection, Anton Watzl Sr., photo.


Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral, with the formula Cu2CO3(OH)2Chrysocolla is a hydrated copper phyllosilicate mineral with formula:  (Cu,Al)2H2Si2O5(OH)4·nH2O.”  Wikipedia > R
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9 hrs ·
Malachite with Chrysocolla – partially polished Stalactite / Congo.

Yes! Yes! Yes! Green emerals from North Carolina! R
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These three samples of emerald are from Hiddenite mine, Stony Point, North Carolina.

I just love fluorite, and garnets, and rocks, and minerals. Just one more please. R

Image may contain: food
2.73 KG Cave In Rock, Illinois – Raspberry Fluorite – Lets the Light Through – Phantoms – 9″Long x 5.25″ Wide x 3.75″ Tall – Comment or Dm for Inquiries.

I wonder if it gets COLD in the winter time?  R

Exquisite Sky-Blue Aquamarine with Lustrous Tourmaline from the Recent Pocket found in Erongo, Namibia – $1900 delivered

And now from the Bluff Park Back Porch.  I better check my spoons?  Ha.  R
Antonio MiglioliOctober 13 at 1:33pm
e More
New interpretation of a sample I’ve already posted in the past. Miniatures, 37 mm long, showing two quarrels crystals of hematite on whose faces of pinacoide appear crystals in growth growth. A Classic of this fabulous location in Val Devero, which has provided new and very rare minerals (in particular arsenous and arseniti) unique in the world. The Ematiti of cervandone, although not presenting large crystals, are among the most beautiful in the world for paragenesis, sharpness, lucenteza and morphology. If anyone is interested, I remember the article recently appeared on pencil and related to the ematiti of the cervandone.

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