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Sunday Daily Feed, May 20m 2018

May 21, 2018
Greetings and Welcome to the Daily Rock and Mineral Feed.  This will consist of a daily (well – not always) compilation of decent photos of interest.
The Rockhound Connection
and numerous quotes and images from my Facebook friends.


These are the images that appeal to my sensibilities or the lack thereof.



1.  This is getting too close for comfort.
Image may contain: text

2.  Trilobite
No automatic alt text available.
Phacops. Extinct marine arthropod. Found only as a fossil. Calymene is a medium sized trilobites, living over 400 million years ago.

3.  5 inch Jaws.
No automatic alt text available.

4.  I could buy a whole herd for what this one costs.
No automatic alt text available.
One of my 2 favorite fossils from this year’s (2018) Tucson show. Tynsky’s Fossils had this horse fossil for sale in their room at the Hotel Tucson City Center. Notice the fish fossils on there too. I wanted to take it home with me but I didn’t have a spare million dollars!

5.  Love my red garnets.
No automatic alt text available.
Garnets on matrix. Photo by Tóth László
>>>>>  Delayed by thunderstorm.

6.  Cool salt collection.
Image may contain: 1 person
Halite & Selenite
Sollstedt Potash Works, Bleicherode, Harz Mts.,Thuringia, Germany.
Photo: mardani.fine.minerals

7.  I want one!
No automatic alt text available.
Beautiful aquamarine with black tourmaline and albite from Afghanistan.

8.  Proustite is a sulfosalt mineral consisting of; silver sulfarsenide, Ag3AsS3, known also as light red silver or ruby silver ore, and an important source of the metal.
No automatic alt text available.
Prousitite. Photo by Tóth László

9.  How much?
Image may contain: one or more people
Michelle Shepherd is with Troy Newman.

This beautiful Oregon fire opal blade was created by Pat Antuzzi. The opal is mined by Outlaw Rocks at the Opal Queen Mine in southern Oregon. #outlawrocksllc

10.  Watermelon Tourmaline
No automatic alt text available.

11.  Kunzite is the pink to light purple gem variety of the mineral Spodumene. 
Spodumene is a pyroxene mineral consisting of lithium aluminium inosilicate, LiAl(SiO3)2, and is a source of lithium.H = 6.5-7.0
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